Mint& provides a different breed of translation service that encompasses professional translation, corpus, machine translation, and consulting, all handled by experts in their respective fields.


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At Mint&, we efficiently manage all projects, resources, schedules and store data safely using our own integrated management system and Google G-Suite linkage.


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Mint& is a trusted localization company that consists of proficient PMs and editors who possess 15 years of experience or more. We are doing our utmost to provide the best quality to our customers by following international standardized processes and utilizing our quality management system.

In addition, we provide an MTPE service along with the creation of AI and Chatbot data to connect people to machines.

  • English-Korean: 481 translators
  • Korean-English: 761 translators
  • Chinese (traditional): 19 translators
  • Chinese (Simplified): 54 translators
  • Russian: 53 translators
  • Arabic: 45 translators
  • Japanese: 171 translators
  • Other languages: 413 translators