Mint& provides a different breed of translation service that encompasses professional translation, corpus, machine translation, and consulting, all handled by experts in their respective fields.


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At Mint&, we efficiently manage all projects, resources, schedules and store data safely using our own integrated management system and Google G-Suite linkage.


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Efficiently managesprojects, resources, and data
using its own integrated management system and Google G suite linkage

All resources
share and discuss in real time
customer instructions, feedback, etc.
by using the bulletin board set up for each customer account.

In possession of almost
CAT tools
and the skills requiredto use them

CAT tools

We support almost all CAT tools in use around the world.

Almost all file formats used by computers can be imported using a CAT tool. After importing, only the target text is extracted to be translated and edited by an expert.

CAT tools allow you to use translation memories and terminology data , allowing you to save money and time and further improve the quality of your translations.

CAT tool types and effects

Almost all
languages are supported

Can calculate accurate estimates

Translation memory support

Almost all file formats are supported

Faster work speed

Continuous cost reduction

Quality control

Ensure term

지원 파일 형식

파일형식 파일 확장자
SDL XLIFF *.sdlxliff
XLIFF *.xlf, *.xliff
XLIFF 2.0 *.xlf, *.xliff
XLIFF: Kilgray MemoQ *.mqxlf, *.mqxliff, *.mqxlz
WsXliff *.xlf
TRADOStag *.ttx
SDL Edit *.itd
Microsoft Word 97-2003 *.doc, .dot
Microsoft Word 2000-2003 *.doc, *.dot
Microsoft Word 2007-2013 *.docx, *.dotx, *.docm, *.dotm
Microsoft Word 2007-2016 *.docx, *.dotx, *.docm, *.dotm
Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 *.ppt, *.pps, *.pot
Microsoft PowerPoint XP-2003 *.ppt, *.pps, *.pot
Microsoft PowerPoint 2007-2013 *.pptx, *.ppsx, *.potx, *.pptm, *.potm, *.ppsm
Microsoft PowerPoint 2007-2016 *.pptx, *.ppsx, *.potx, *.pptm, *.potm, *.ppsm
Microsoft Excel 97-2003 *.xls, *.xlt
Microsoft Excel 2000-2003 *.xls, *.xlt
Microsoft Excel 2007-2013 *.xlsx, *.xltx, *.xlsm
Microsoft Excel 2007-2016 *.xlsx, *.xltx, *.xlsm
Microsoft Visio *.vsdx, *.vsx, *.vtx, *.vdx, *.vssx, *.vstx, *.vsdm, *.vssm, *.vstm
Bilingual Excel Studio *.xlsx
Trados Translator's Workbench *.doc, *.docx
Rich Text Format (RTF) *.rtf
XHTML 1.1 *.html, *.htm
HTML 5 *.htm, *.html, *.xhtml, *.jsp, *.asp, *.aspx, *.ascx, *.inc, *.php, *.hhk, *.hhc
HTML 4 *.htm, *.html, *.xhtml, *.jsp, *.asp, *.aspx, *.ascx, *.inc, *.php, *.hhk, *.hhc
Adobe FrameMaker 8-2017/8-2018 MIF *.mif
Adobe InDesign CS2-CS4 INX *.inx
Adobe InDesign CS4-CC IDML *.idml
Adobe InCopy CS4-CC ICML *.icml
Adobe Photoshop *.psd;*.pdd;*.psdt;
OpenDocument Text Document (ODT) *.odt, *.ott, *.odm
OpenDocument Presentation (ODP) *.odp, *.otp
OpenDocument Spreadsheet (ODS) *.ods, *.ots
QuarkXPress Export *.xtg, *.tag
PDF *.pdf
Comma Delimited Text (CSV) *.csv
Tab Delimited Text *.txt
Portable Object *.po
SubRip *.srt
Java Resources *.properties
Markdown *.md;*.markdown
XML: Microsoft .NET Resources *.resx
XML: OASIS DITA 1.3 Compliant *.xml, *.dita
XML: OASIS DocBook 4.5 Compliant *.xml
XML: Author-it Compliant *.xml
XML: MadCap Compliant *.html, *.htm
XML: W3C ITS Compliant *.xml, *.its
XML: Any XML *.xml
JSON *.json
Text *.txt