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Corpus Service


Create speech and text corpus data

Create corpus data by language/gender/region

After selecting Entity, we achieve diversity through the creation of
a thesaurus (dictionary)

Achieve diversity through root transformation

Corpus Generation Process

Corpus generation process image

We are creating various corpus data with high response rates through a standardized process.

Intent (representative utterance) creation

  • Intent Creator:
    Client or scriptwriter
  • Response Creator:
    Client or scriptwriter

Refine intents and final responses

  • Simplify the main and sub intents

Choose entity with intents and tag them

Create thesaurus(dictionary) per chosen entity

Specify/select essential words to include in the utterance if necessary

Utterance: Corpus Creator

  • Achieve diversity through root transformation, not just changes in postpositions or endings
  • Achieve diversity through changing word order
  • Ensure conciseness
  • Refined sentence completion
    (no slang words or colloquialisms)

Final check

  • Response induction accuracy check
  • Entity and dictionary check
  • Spelling and grammar check

Enter corpus data /
Deep Learning

Response rate test

Edit and re-enter utterances with low response rates