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Machine Translation Service


When using a CAT tool,
we run Google Neural Machine
Translation(NMT) API

Automatic, rapid machine translation of
many types of files in bulk

Improve the quality of
machine translation through the
post-editing process

By using Google NMT that
supports languages worldwide,
you can enter global market faster

Machine Translation Service

Objective / Advantage

Enter the global market and save money with the help of machine translation, which is much faster than human translation.

You can translate various types of files into any language you want which is something that cannot be done when using Google translate.

In addition, post-editing work by professional translators will help you easily overcome the limitations of machine translation.

Secure a competitive edge by
entering the global market one step ahead
of your competitors

bulk translations that do not require
high quality at low costs

Uses the most reliable Google NMT
(Neural Machine Translation)

We offer
different post-editing options according to the
quality level required

  • Full Post Editing:

    Professional translation quality at 85% of the cost of expert translation

  • Light Post Editing:

    Human translation quality at 70% of the cost of expert translation

  • No Post Editing:

    Get quality equivalent to a human translation at 40% of the cost of expert translation (prior notice is required to avoid legal issues)

Rapid mass machine translation is possible using an automatic translation program that supports almost all file types