Mint& provides a different breed of translation service that encompasses professional translation, corpus, machine translation, and consulting, all handled by experts in their respective fields.


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Professional Translation Service


Translate a variety of worldwide languages including English and Korean

A different breed of professional translation done by expert translators in each field and local translation specialists

Automated quality control, rapid translation, and cost reduction through the latest translation program

Systematic schedule and quality control through standardized translation process and management platform

Quality Control

Quality control image

We deliver high-quality products to customers by running a quality evaluation in each phase of the translation process.

Systematic quality evaluation is performed in accordance with international standard quality evaluation criteria (LISA QA Model 3.1 and SAE J2450).

We detect basic human errors such as typos, misspellings, incorrect terms, etc using an automated quality control program.

International standard quality evaluation criteria table


  • Accuracy
  • Language
  • Fluency
  • Locale convention
  • Style
  • Terminology
  • Readability


  • Minor
  • Major
  • Critical
  • Neutral
  • Invalid
  • Kudos


- Pass: ≥95
- Fail: <95
- Rework: <75
- Pass: ≥95
- Fail: <95
- Rework: <85

Automatic error detection through quality control program

Misspelling detection

Detect untranslated texts

Detect inconsistent translation among those with same source texts

Detect sentences missing tags

Detect translated texts that have different numbers from the source

Detect translated texts that have different URLs from the source

Detect punctuation errors

Detect double spaces

Detect unnecessarily repeated words

Detect terms that do not match the glossary

Detect translation that deviates from rules set in the user-defined checklist

Use internet spell checker

(Check spelling, foreign language pronunciation, passive phrases, Japanese terms, etc.)